Car and Trailer Makeover – Part I

img_0433-edit.jpg The trailer has begun its makeover and I must admit, it is looking great! It returned from its paint job with a fresh coat of white paint. This was great because the previous graphics on the trailer bled through to the paint. Since the prior graphics included flames, the white coat was covered in orange and yellow streaks. The outside of the trailer looks great and it really changes the whole look of it.

Next is the interior. Chris just dropped off the trailer at Kirschner Trailers in Woodinville, WA and it will spend a little vacation there for about a week. This is good on all ends. When the trailer came back after a weekend paint job, it was received with a resounding, “It’s BACK??” Like I said before, the trailer is not a popular item around the neighborhood. Luckily, the guys at Kirschner were great and said they could install many of the items we were concerned about in the time that it there. They are going to install an E-Track along the interior walls, so that we have something to connect the bungee cords and restraints to. Since the trailer moves so often, EVERYTHING has to be secure in the trailer. But we didn’t have a great way of locking up the gas cans, chairs, air compressor, etc. They are also going to install bogey wheels at the back of the trailer. These are to help with the tail end of the trailer and it’s tendency to hit the ground if Chris has to maneuver a tough turn or hill. So, instead of ruining the bottom of the trailer, the wheels will help the car along. The roof is going to be checked out, along with the breaks, just for safety. And finally, they will be installing a winch in the trailer. This is to help Chris with removing and storing the car when I’m not around. Chris had intended on installing the winch himself, but the guy at Kirschner had some great ideas on it, so we are going to let him give it a shot. All in all, the trailer should come back with an array of new accessories and looking great!

After the trailer comes back from Kirshner it is time to work on the flooring. Chris found some great flooring at Costco for pretty cheap and will be laying it down in the next month or so. It is a snazzy looking checkered print (of course) that fits quite well in terms of sizing. Then we are going to put a metal diamond plate towards the rear of the trailer. When the car is either moved out or in the trailer, one needs to raise the front of the trailer up (thus creating an angle) and the car slides in/out nicely.img00080-edit.jpg However, there is a point in the trailer where the bottom the chassis rubs on the floor of the trailer, even when it is raised. And if it were not raised, the car would simply bottom out, making it impossible to move the car. This, over time, has ruined the flooring. Therefore, we are hoping that the metal plate will a) look beautiful and professional and b) reduce the amount of damage to the car/trailer during the storage and removal phase. And after that, the trailer will look perfect for EMDUB Racing.

On another note, I have to hand out a big ‘Thank You’ to two of my fans. Andriana and Jesse drove out to the Bremerton track (quite different surroundings from Woodinville) for the Saturday Test and Tune. It was great to have supportive fans out there. Since we are so new to this sport, we can get so wrapped up in the mechanics and technology of it all that we do not enjoy the time at the track. We are slowly learning to walk around, meet new folks, and get a feel for the community. Therefore, it was great to have the two of them out there and Andriana took some cool pictures that I will get posted soon. Hopefully she can convince some more people that the track isn’t such a bad experience. Actually, I think she might have actually liked it by the end! Thanks for the support guys.

Update on the car coming soon!