Spokane Raceways – Two Weekends in a Row!

EMDUB Racing will be in Spokane for the next two weekends! We wanted to extend the opportunity to everyone to come and watch!

Here our the two races we will be participating in:
June 6/7, 2009 (Saturday – Sunday) – PNSCA Race 5/6 – Spokane, WA
June 12-14, 2009 (Friday – Sunday) – NHRA Div. 6 Divisionals – Spokane, WA

I recommend the first one as you will get to see more of EMDUB Racing.
This race weekend (June 6/7) will be a double header. There will be a
race Saturday and a race Sunday. This race is with a local association
and has some stunning Super Comp racers. The second race weekend will be much busier, but it is a huge race and will be really exciting. This
weekend (June 12-14) there will be qualifying on Friday and Saturday and
the big race on Sunday.

For both races and all days the gates open at 8am, racing starts at 9am, except for Saturday, June 6th – the gates open at 1pm and racing starts at 2pm. My class usually doesn’t get a pass until 9:30 or 10am because they send slower cars down the track first to put some rubber down for faster cars. However, I recommended getting there early.

Here is all the pricing information you need:
June 6/7: $12 entry fee
June 12/13/14: Friday – $15, Saturday – $20, Sunday – $25

Here is the website to the track for direction information:

Hope to see you all out there!