You Win Some, You Lose Some

No other saying could be more true for drag racing. My dad and I have always struggled with the fact that no matter how many rounds you win, the last thing you do is lose (unless of course, you win the whole thing!). Since we have yet to win a race, we are always faced with a loss at the end of a long weekend. Sometimes it’s really difficult to see the good through all the self pity. And it’s even harder when you know what that win light would have felt like. On the other hand, our round wins have slowly but steadily increased. Chris and I will both tell you that it only takes one of those to make this whole thing worth it!

We’ve had a fairly calm beginning to our season this year. We haven’t had any huge mechanical failures or disasters (except for setting the car on fire…) and weekends have all been predictable and consistent. It’s been comforting to head to the track and just have everything work. There have been the few hiccups in our plans, but for the most part we’ve been able to handle them with ease. I must admit, it’s really been a nice break from “racer’s panic.”

We’ve had been to three races so far this season: the Boise Divisional, a Woodburn PNSCA doubleheader race, and the Mission Divisional. The two divisionals have left us sore losers after round one. At Boise we lost by .004 at the finish line and Mission sent us home with a .003 holeshot loss (he beat me off the line). Although we hate losing first round, those were both amazing races. It just goes to show how close the Super Comp field can be! We were not sore losers by any means at Woodburn though. We made it to third round both days and even took home some money on Sunday. I had some of my best driving that weekend and Chris was really hot on the number. We most definitely drove away from Woodburn with huge smiles on our faces!

In terms of our personal lives, we have had some wonderful news in the past couple of weeks. Deb has been given the all-clear by her doctor and is officially in remission from her cancer. She was able to stop chemo and resume her normal lifestyle. We are all so thrilled at the news and equally as amazed at her strength throughout this process. She really is a warrior! In addition, Emily graduated from WSU with her Masters in Human Development. These two wonderful events happened within a week of each other. Needless to say, May was a very good month!

We will be taking some time off from drag racing for about a month. We don’t have any important races on our schedule and the Williams family will be taking some much needed time to celebrate all of our wonderful recent achievements. Our next race will be the Woodburn Divisional in June. We hope to see all of our fans out there. Also, stay tuned for some new EMDUB Racing apparel!