An Ugly End to the Racing Year

When I last wrote, we were feeling good about all the work we’d done to chase down and squish all the gremlins we’d been experiencing.  We’d welded up all kinds of things, and were headed to Woodburn to try to improve on our 3rd place in the PNSCA points.  Everything looked so hopeful.

But then reality reared its ugly head.  In our first test run at Woodburn, the car wouldn’t shift.  This was a problem we’d had in Seattle, and had assumed it was electrical in nature.  I had changed the ignition box to fix it.  It was a gremlin we assumed was long since dead.

After some brilliant diagnosis by our friend Ed Hauter, we discovered the shift linkage was off by about a sixteenth of an inch.  It worked fine on the jackstands in the pit, but on the track, with the car under load and the chassis arched, the linkage was just out of alignment.  We fixed that, and made a marvelous second test pass.  The clouds had parted, birds were singing, all was good.

And then reality hit again.  In round one, facing the number one guy in points, the car stumbled so hard on the starting line that it actually died.  Had to get pushed back.  Ugh.  This stumble was also a gremlin we thought we had vanquished.  Apparently not.  After tearing apart the carburetor that night, we made another beautiful test pass in the morning on Sunday.  And again, in round one, facing the Saturday winner, it did it again.  Died on the starting line.

The result was that we dropped from 3rd in the PNSCA points to 4th.  Still above our 8th place finish last year, but one short of our goal of a top 3 finish this year.

Licking our wounds, we made the long haul to Medford for the last Division Six race of the year.  Long conversations with our carburetor guy, and some tweaks done, we were ready to go.  We rolled off the trailer, and made a series of pretty good test passes.  We were ready to go.  Maybe, just maybe, we could move up from 12th in the points into the top 10, our year’s goal.

But it was not to be.  In round one, the car stumbled so badly that Em had a ridiculously bad .200+ light.  And the day, and the season was over.  We are currently 17th in Division Six, and we hope to not fall any further when the final race of the year in Vegas happens in early November.

This was such a promising year.  We were as high as 8th in the points.  We went to the fourth round of a divisional event, as far as we’ve ever been.  We won a PNSCA race.  We were on a roll.  Until our 14-year-old chassis just got tired and caused a chain reaction of disaster after disaster.

All is not lost.  We have a fix for it all.  And some exciting news about next year.  But that will have to wait for the next installment.  Look for an update in the next few days.

2 thoughts on “An Ugly End to the Racing Year

  1. Oh, we’re far enough out of the top 10 to mean we’re hanging it up for the year. Even if we won the November race in Vegas, we’d still only end up in about 12th or 13th. So it’s not worth the two day haul.

    And with all the issues we had at year end, maybe we need a break. Perhaps even a new setup. We’re working on that.

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