Racing Season Has Returned!

FINALLY! It was a long winter without it. Chris and I celebrated by hopping on a plane to sunny California for the Winternationals a few weekends ago. Chris headed out a day early to watch some of our Super Comp friends run, while I sat in my cozy office in Boise. I joined him Friday afternoon just in time for some of my favorite SoCal Mexican food.

We rose with the sun and were out at the track early on Saturday morning. It rained on and off all morning, making what should have been an awesome day quite long. We were able to see a few rounds of racing and smell enough nitromethane to make me happy. Then, as we were walking around the pits, the sky suddenly opened up and dumped everything it had. We attempted to run to the rental car, but ended up more than soaked. It was finally concluded that the purchase of new (dry) shoes would be a must, so we booked it to the mall. After finding some dry clothes and a cold beer we called it a night.


Sunday was just as much of a tease as Saturday was. We waited on and off for the rain to quit for a couple of hours and commiserated with our Super Comp friends who would not get to run. Suddenly it was clear and racing was in progress. It was an awesome day of racing and filled my heart with so much love for the sport. Being so far from Chris (and my family) makes it hard to continually stay passionate about the sport. I love racing and will always love racing, whether or not I’m in the driver’s seat. Chris gets to see the car, work on the car and head out to the track on a regular basis. However, my schedule does not allow for that much racing. I decided that weekend that I would need to find a way to get out on the track more often. Racing means too much to me to sit on the sidelines!

Oh! I forgot to mention that on Saturday there was a ridiculous crash in an Alcohol Dragster. The car got out control and took a hard right into the barrier, flipping the car into the air. After sliding along the outside of the barrier, the car finally came to a stop in the timing board at the finish line. Mark Reblias, one of my favorite racing photogs, came away with this insane shot of the dragster in the air. Amazing photo, but not something we racers like to see too often.

Hopefully we get a few of our new promotional materials up here soon for you all to check out. They look pretty good!