Boise Divisional

The Boise Divisional was a blast for Chris and I. Chris had taken the car out earlier in the season for some testing, but this was my first chance in the dragster since October. This new car is a dream, let me tell you. I seriously doubt Chris could have built a better ride. It’s amazing!

Chris attempted to test on Thursday, but Mother Nature wasn’t having it. Friday started out a bit drizzly, but the clouds parted, the sun shown through and we were ready to rock. We ran a solid 9.11 (on a 9.15 dial) and I was feeling quite good about my first pass. As I’m heading back down the return road, I see everyone packing up the cars. I overhear that the announcers are warning of some possible wind gusts, as well as some thunder and lightening. I ask our good friend Ed to help me lower our 20 foot EZ Up and before I know it, the tent is lifted up by a gust of wind and ready to take me with it. The tent got the better of me and went flying through the air and then through the pits. Unfortunately it took down a neighbor racer in it’s path. The tent required about 10 guys to drag it back to our trailer (mid-wind storm) to attempt to collapse it.

Needless to say, it did not collapse well. Luckily we were able to save the custom canvas top. Hopefully with a few parts, it’ll be looking brand new again.

Saturday was a much better day, weather-wise. We got three passes in, all close enough to the dial. We also had a number of friends come out to visit. It was wonderful to see all the support in Boise! This is my pup, Kora, busy with her bone.

And Sunday was race day! I won round one and was paired with our friend Ed (my tent buddy) in round two. I was a bit nervous, being that Ed had beat me many times in the past. However, I snuck out with the win this time! Next up was another pal, Bob Woodruff. The winning streak continued and I grabbed one more win light. Round four was Trevor Harkema, and unfortunately our car lost some steam. I came up short and Trevor took the win. Four rounds on Sunday was more than good enough for an awesome weekend at the track. Chris and I had a wonderful time! We received so much support and a few win lights to dream of until the next time at the track.

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