About Us

We are Super Comp drag racers based out of Woodinville, Washington.

 Emily Williams, otherwise known as EMDUB, currently lives in Boise, Idaho with her crazy pup, Kora. Emily works for STARR Family Behavioral Health as the Director of Education and Training. She enjoys anything racing, marathon and ultra marathon running, and mountain biking.

Emily obtained her NHRA racing license in January 2008. She has been racing Super Comp for the past six years in local, divisonal and national races. Emily won her first race in July 2010.


Chris Williams, lives in Woodinville, Washington with his family. Retired from Microsoft over a decade ago, Chris is now on the board of the Overlake School in Redmond.  Chris loves working on the car, designing websites and developing computer programs for racing.

Chris obtained his racing license in September 2008, but didn’t start racing until 2012 — when we finally had a car big enough.  Chris had his first win light in 2013 and went to two final rounds in 2014. That first race win is right around the corner!