Photo Gallery

Welcome to the EMDUB Racing photo gallery.

Boise - Oct 2011

Amazing photos from the Halloween Classic

PNSCA Banquet - Nov 2010

Fun and awards at the Pacific Northwest Super Comp Association banquet

Teardown - Oct 2010

The end of the Yancer car, at least for us

Monden - Oct 2010

Our visit to Joe Monden to order the new car

Misc Summer 2010

Outstanding photos by Rich Carlson

Testing April 2010

Boise - May 2009

Car and Trailer Makeover

The makeover of the car and trailer that started it all

Chris at Hawley - Sep 2008

Chris getting his license

Bakersfield - March 2008

We bought Jenna Beckman\'s car and picked it up in Bakersfield

Hawley School - January 2008

Emily getting her license at Frank Hawley\'s school

And here is the famous EMDUB Gets Her License video: