Saturday was the big day! I finally graduated with my BA in Psychology from Chapman University. I have worked hard for four long years for this moment and I cannot believecimg2330-web-edit.jpg that it finally came. I have also spent the past two years compiling research for my thesis on adolescent bullying and aggression. The research I found was intriguing and I ended up with quite a work of art. Hopefully others, other than my father, will find the 46 pages of my thesis to be just as interesting. I intend to continue in this area of research at WSU in the fall in the Human Development department.

My parents, brothers, grandparents, and uncle flew in for the weekend of celebration. Unfortunately, I spent all of last week trying to complete the last of my academic work as an undergraduate. Swamped with five finals, a thesis and planning a grad party, I was a little overwhelmed. After I managed to complete everything, my family had arrived. We went out for a celebratory dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Irvine, my favorite restaurant. It was a great chance to catch up on our daily lives and talk politics – a must for a Williams family gathering. After a night of wonderful food and great company, it was early to bed for me. The 5am wake up call for graduation came way too fast. img_0685-web-edit.jpgBy the time the entire family was seated, I was checked in and an astounding amount of pictures were taken, the weather had caught up with us. At 8am, right before the ceremony was supposed to start, the temperature was nearing 85 degrees. The moment was so special and except for the extreme heat and the black robe, I enjoyed it very much! Spending time with my friends in the Psychology section and making that all-important walk across the stage were moments I will cherish forever. The ceremony lasted about 2 and a half hours. At the end of the ceremony, the temperature had risen to unbelievable heights. My family voted on clean clothes and a shower for all.

The Williams Family, fresh and clean, met up with my and two of my good friends at myimg_3439-web-edit.jpg grad party in Irvine. Ashley and Rachel, two of my best friends from college, joined me in throwing a grad party in celebration of our commencement. This party was so much fun and a great opportunity to spend time with the people who mean the most to us. There was great food (thanks Moose!), a champagne toast from our parents, and all of our close friends. What more could you ask for? After our amazing party and some goodbyes to my grandparents and my uncle, I was ready to collapse. That was by far the most exhausting day I have had in a long time. I have never slept to soundly in my entire life. The next day, my parents and brothers met me at Hof’s Hut, our breakfast location of choice, for a delicious meal. We then lounged around my apartment until it was time for their flight. I could not have asked for a better weekend with my family. It was such a special moment for me and I am so thankful to everyone that contributed! Finally, I owe a huge thank you to my parents who havecimg2355-web-edit.jpg supported emotionally and academically. I cannot tell you how many papers my dad has edited or how long he spent reviewing the math section of the GRE with me. And my mom was there for every moment of frustration with professors, friends and co-workers. They not only supported me financially throughout my time at Chapman, they are my rock, my pillar and everything I need to be successful in life. Thanks mom and dad!

Now begins my new life. I am currently working at the preschool until school lets out on June 13th. However, I only work three days a week because of my previous school schedule. That allows more than enough time to relax from my stressful semester, tie up lose ends and pack up my entire apartment. After June 13th, Chris, my brother and I will pile all of my belongings into the racing trailer (all finished by then!) and head to Pullman, Washington! A couple of days will be spent setting up my new life in the Pacific Northwest. Once everything is together, I will head back to Woodinville (only a 5 hour drive…) to live at home for the summer. Then I can begin my racing! Chris and I have many test and tunes, and hopefully a few races planned for the summer. Stay tuned for racing updates!